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I firmly believe in the European idea. But it depends especially from the people who live on our continent. Now we have to stick together, help each other and, above all, "share". That is our Europe. From my government, I wish they would implement an airbridge for Corona-patients from Italy to help as much as possible. Since we do have currently free 12,665 intensive care beds in Germany.


Solidarity means sharing. That is why I initiated the "Solidaritaly" - donation campaign. Currently I am collecting donations such as self-made mouth-nose masks (butz we also take surgical masks, FFP2/-3 masks). These donations will be send to "Corona hotspots" in Italy, e.g. Bergamo. There they will be given away to doctors, nurses, caregivers and vulnerable people. If you like, you can add/paint "Solidaritaly" in a creative way on your self-made masks. Please send your donations of protection masks to the following address:


Friends of Solidaritaly

c/o Joshua Raffael Sonnenschein, Waitzinger Wiese 11, 86899 Landsberg am Lech, Germany


Mille Grazie, Thank you




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